Our Services

Compliance and Internal Audit

By monitoring, auditing, and reviewing all HR and payroll operations, we guarantee that we comply with both the law and our internal regulations. This not only ensures that we avoid costly penalties, but also guarantees that we are operating our business ethically and with the utmost transparency. Trust us to handle your HR and payroll needs with the highest level of care and attention to detail.

Manpower Outsource

We manage tax liabilities, year-end reports, social insurance registration/de-registration, government accounts/payments, and employee database setup for hiring documents.

Payroll Outsource

We offer payroll services such as calculation, reporting, tax administration, liability submission, and payroll advisory.

Recruitment and Replacement

We have a vast database of top-notch candidates that meet your specific requirements for your requests. We provide expert assistance to regain competitive advantages and acquire competitive intelligence. Our recruitment process is time-efficient, ensuring that vacant positions are filled quickly. Our goal is to recruit individuals who align perfectly with the company's culture, goals, and objectives to ensure our client's overall success.

Personnel Administration

Establish and maintain strong government relationships with the Ministries of Social Insurance, Labor, and Manpower to ensure effective operation and compliance with regulations. We offer tailored private medical and life insurance plans for our employees and their dependents, ensuring their well-being so they can focus on their work. We provide work permits to clients who require the services of expatriates for employment within the country.

HR Policies and Procedures

We offer a working map for administrative management practices that help clarify and organize internal operations in compliance with laws and regulations, set specifications for your company, and define responsibilities and executive mechanisms to build your organization's structure.

Performance Management

Our high-performance evaluation system compares actual performance against set standards, motivating and rewarding our employees. It also helps identify training needs and improves performance, essential for growth and development, and our facility's success.

Training & Development

Our services enable companies to accurately evaluate job competency requirements and establish customized training plans for each department with well-planned budgets, ensuring optimal utilization of resources.